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Pyramid Trek Midge

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners or anyone spending extended periods outdoors during midge season.
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Trek Midge & Tick is made using Saltidin®, an effective alternative to DEET that is fully compliant with the EU Biocides Directive, so you can trust it to be safe and effective!
Trek Midge & Tick provides all day protection for up to 12 hours
For application of Trek Midge & Tick onto your face, we recommend not spraying directly onto your face, but again spray a small amount onto the palm or back of your hand and lightly pat onto your face.
Protects against midge bites
Protects against tick bites
One application lasts up to 12 hours
Essential for any keen walker or angler during the summer months
Contains 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin® and added moisturising plant extracts